7 Exercises to Train Like a Marine Every Day

All Marines tend to do a daily exercise routine that is of utmost importance for their physical maintenance. This routine is mainly based on calisthenic exercises, using body-weight as the only tension for your body. The most common calisthenic exercises are lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, and crunches. However, we will add some of the most effective and demanding exercises in this list, so you can learn how a Marine works out every day and how important it is for them to maintain their physical state at all times.

1. The Side Straddle Hop

This exercise consists of doing the so-called jumping jacks. It is fairly easy; you just need to jump again and again and keep moving your arms and legs to your sides, opening and closing them as you jump. However, Marines tend to add some weights in their hands and tie up some more in their legs. This way they will increase the tension and make their bodies work out a lot more.

2. Mixed Push-Ups

Marines also love to do push-ups, but they don’t do them as you normally do. Most Marines tend to do a variation of push-up routines, including wide-grip, close-grip, diamond-grip and fist push-ups all in the same routine, ranging from one type of push-up to the other after each set is finished. You just need to put your hands in different positions depending on what type you want to do. Marine also add some weight on their backs while doing push-ups.

3. Crunches

It is normal to see athletes doing crunches, just as Marines do. They’re not very different after all. Both need to maintain a fairly good ripped off and lean muscle for more resistance and strength, especially on the abs. What Marines do is do normal crunches but mixing them with another bar-grabbing type of crunches, lifting their legs as much as they can while they’re hanging on a bar.

4. Mixed Squats

Squats are also a favorite of Marine; they tend to do them every day without a fault. This exercise is terrific for legs and butt while also helping as cardiovascular training if done correctly. To do it, you just need to put your hands on your sides, your feet at shoulder-width apart from each other and then go down by bending your knees as much as you can and then come back again. Marines add as much weight as they can and do different types of squats. While Some prefer holding their bodies in the bottom for a longer time, others just like squatting with one foot.

5. Calf Raises while Standing

The Calves are very important for Marines; they know how great they are for balance and supporting weight. What they do is stand on a step or a slightly taller than your heels with the tip of your shoe. Then, you need to go down as much as possible and then come back up again as far as you can. You can add some weight on your back or do it on a machine for better results.

6. Toe Raises while Standing

Toe raises are great for shins and slightly for calves. However, Marines tend to do them to increase their resistance while doing different movements in battles. What you need to do is stand straight and push your feet, not the legs up. You can use weights while sitting down and add more resistance like Marines do.

7. Back Extensions

This exercise is essential for back resistance. Marines tend to do it as a resistance exercise for a long period of time. However, you may only need to do it as part of a routine. It is fairly easy though, you just need to put your hands on your head while laying down on the floor facing down, then putting your legs and your back straightened. You will need to push your head and legs up as much as you can, forming a U shape with your body. You can also do it without lifting your feet off the ground and add some weight to your neck for better results.

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