Recent CAW Programs
Offshore Platform Security Threat Awareness and Response Program
In November and December of 2013, CAW conducted a training and exercise program that focused on security threats to offshore oil and gas platforms. more »
Coastal Trident 2013 Regional Maritime Security and Response Program
In June of 2013, CAW conducted a regional port and maritime security program that focused on the threat of mines and improvised explosive devices. more »
Trident Spectre 2013 Technical Assessment
In May of 2013, CAW conducted over 70 technical assessments in support of Naval Special Warfare's Trident Spectre 2013 program at Fort Story, VA. more »
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Upcoming CAW Programs
Coastal Trident 2014 Regional Maritime Security and Response Program
In June, CAW will conduct CT-2014 to examine the policy and operational issues surrounding a rogue vessel targeting critical port and maritime infrastructure.more »
FBI Information Sharing Initiative
In 2014, CAW will partner with the FBI and InfraGard to deliver a national-level information sharing initiative focused on increased engagement with private sector owners/operators of critical infrastructure and key resources.more »
Black Dart 2014
In July and August, CAW will support Naval Air Warfare Center-Weapons Division by conducting effects analyses of technologies utilized to counter unmanned aircraft systems.
Steel Tiger
In September, CAW will partner with Naval Surface Warfare Center-Port Hueneme to conduct field experiments with the Spynel-S wide area surveillance system in conjunction with a U.S. Navy tracking exercise.