Top 5 Power Tower Exercises That You Should Try Today

One of the greatest equipment any fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder can use is the power tower station. This powerful gym equipment lets you build muscle and enhance your endurance using your bodyweight. The power tower station comes with sidebar and overhead bars that lets you work out for your abdominals, arms, and back. Pull-ups, chin-ups, dips and leg raises are some of the incredible exercises you can do with a power tower station. This article will show you the best 5 power tower exercises you can do today with a power tower for a full upper body workout.

Still don’t have your own power tower yet? Well, you’re gonna need one before you can do the following power tower exercises. Try checking out this guide ( if you have no idea how to pick one.


When it comes to upper body workouts, push-ups remain one of the best bodyweight exercises to strengthen your arms and shoulders. Most pull-up and dip stations have fixed low handlebars. This allows people to have a deeper push-up. However, there are some power tower stations that come with adjustable handlebars. You can therefore increase or decrease the handlebars for stimulating chest workouts. For push-ups, place your hands on the low handlebars then stretch your legs behind you. Slowly lower your body until your head comes close to the floor. Push your body up until your arms are straight. Do as many reps as possible for three cycles. This power tower exercise will work the muscles in your shoulders and arms.


The power tower station allows you to perform both the pull-ups and chin-ups. These bodyweight exercises challenge different muscle groups. If you want to focus on your biceps, go for chin-ups by grasping the high bars with your hands facing you. Move your palms closer together and pull yourself up until your chin is above the high bars. Pause for 1 second then lower your body to the starting position.


To focus on your shoulder and upper back muscles, you can go for pull-ups by grasping the high bars with your hands facing away from you. Make sure your palms are placed slightly wider than your shoulder width. Pull your body upwards until your chin is a little bit above the bar. Pause for 1 second then lower yourself to the starting position.


The dip exercise is effective for working out your triceps, including your chest and shoulder muscles. Start by grasping the dip bars and extend your arms fully without your feet touching the ground. Slowly lower your body by bending your arms. After reaching the low position, straighten yourself until you reach the top position. This completes one rep. Do as many reps for three sets.

The leg raise

The leg raise is an effective power tower exercise that works your abs and core. For starters, it may be a little bit harder to perform the full leg raise. In this case, they can begin with knee lifts until they gain the form to do the leg raise. The pull-up and dip station has a leg raise station that you can use to perform this exercise. You can either use the dip bar or pull-up bar. Hold the bars and keep your arms straight. Make sure your legs are raised to a 90-degree angle with your feet close together.

In conclusion, if you are a starter, it may be challenging to do all of the above best 5 power tower exercises. However, remember to start small until you are comfortable to do more reps. With time, you can add weights to make the bodyweight workouts more stimulating. More exercise resources can be found on:

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