How to Train Like a Marine – Marine Workout

The best and most complete plan to get rid of fat, build muscle and make your body work to the extremes.

Training Like a Marine

Marines from the US are one of the fittest and physically prepared military forces in the world. This happens because they’re obligated to put up a lot of top-notch workouts and resistance exercises to improve their endurance and make themselves look as big as they can.

They train a lot, eat a lot and burn as much fat as they need to put up even bigger muscles than they want. All of this is because of the physical challenges they are subjected to, both to be mentally prepared for the hardest and most extremes battle environments and to be as strong and resistant as animals. These are the hardest strength workouts and the best resistance exercises to put up the body a military man should have.

However, as these routines can get really monstrous, we will give you just a glimpse of what they do to be able to become Marines. Take a look and act with care, you won’t have to hurt yourself physically or mentally.

First Week

The plan of exercises for the first week consists of doing all the workouts we show you. Doing at least 1 set of each exercise and the Side Bridge for at least 25 seconds on each side. Don’t rest more than 60 seconds between workouts.

Second Week

Do the same exercises as the first week, but add a sprint between exercises. Run at least 100 meters and then finish the following exercise in the list.

Combine your exercise each day and try to shuffle between exercises but do at least 3 sets each one.

Third Week

This week you will be doing triples, a type of workout which consists of a routine of upper-body exercises followed by a lower-body exercise and then a sprint of about 100 meters or 20 seconds.

Combine your exercises with squats/push-ups, dumbbell swings/clean presses.

Fourth Week

In your fourth week on the Marine workout routine, you will have to do some new Marine Challenges. These routines consist of hardcore exercises with sprints and no rest between exercises. However, you will have to start each of these routines on each day with a plank and a sprint.

Marine Challenge One

Run for a quarter of a mile and then without resting, go immediately to do 15 reps of clean and presses, run again for 20 seconds and come back for 20 deadlifts. Go run again and do 25 squats and run again. This routine can be repeated three times, doing at least 3 sets of each exercise. You can also take time in each completed routine and see if you can beat your first routine with the next. Repeat this challenge every week after your forth.

Marine Challenge Two

Start with 20 repetitions of dumbbell swings without resting and do 20 pushups. After finishing these two sets, you will run for 30 seconds and come back again to do the same. This is called a superset, and it is done without resting for at least 20 minutes straight. Repeat this challenge every week after your fourth.

US Marine Exercises

The Marine exercises are pretty simple, they are just very demanding and sometimes when together, they can be really hard to complete. However, you will see how you improve your resistance and strength as you progress through the routines.

1. Squats with Sandbags

This exercise consists of grabbing a heavy-weight dumbbell or barbell, putting the barbell on your neck or grabbing the dumbbell by your chest with both hands. Then, as if you were doing a squat, you need to bend your knees and go down as much as possible, then come back up again and repeat. If you want to be like a Marine, you can use a sandbag for weight. You will look like a badass.

2. Deadlifts with Sandbags

Again, you will need a barbell, a heavy dumbbell or a sandbag. What you need to do is to grab the weight with both hands at quads level and to keep your chest and shoulders lean back, you will slowly go down with your torso bending your knees a little until the weight touches the floor. Then you repeat by going up slowly and squeezing your butt.

3. Clean and Press with Sandbags

The clean and press is an efficient exercise that works perfectly for these routines. It consists of putting a dumbbell, barbell or sandbag on the floor in front of you and standing with your feet at shoulder-width from each other.

Then, you go down to a squat position and grab the weight, then in a slow but firm movement, you will bring the weight up all the way until it is over your head. This is a repetition, you then need to come back down again and repeat.

4. Dumbbell Swings

Marines love dumbbell swings, especially they are effective. However, they can be exhausting if you are not accustomed. To do them, you just need to hold a dumbbell with both your hands and bring it down until it is situated below your butt, but while going down, it is important that you bend your knees a little and squeeze your legs as much as you can for better results.

5. Pull-Ups

These are one of the simplest exercises on this routine guide. To do it, you just need to grab a bar with your palms facing forward, pull yourself up as far as you can and then come back down slowly. Your upper arms should form a 90-degree angle parallel to the floor when going up and reach until they form an A-form.

6. Push Press with Front Squat

This is better done with a barbell. You just need to grab the barbell, push it up as far as you can and then come back down again but pushing your body down with the barbell until you are in a squat position. Then you go back up again and repeat.

7. Push Ups

Pushups are probably the most famous exercise in the world, especially for their effectiveness. Put your hands on the floor, face down, straighten your back and legs, put your feet together and then go down bending your elbows to your sides. Then come back again and repeat. Marines do this exercise with extra weight on their backs.

8. Side Bridges

Lie on the floor with your forearm supporting your weight. Put one of your legs straightened in the top of the other and your other arm by your side with no movement. This helps you add resistance to your workouts, especially if you tighten up your butt, abs and back for 20 to 30 seconds straight. Marines tend to do 20 minutes of a Side Bridges routine.

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